A multiplayer survival game
CC v1.4.0
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About the game:

CC is a game where players have to survive on a randomly generated map. Chop trees, build boats, make swords etc. to kill your enemies. The one who lives the longest, wins the game.

CC uses an intelligent map generator to create beautiful looking worlds. You can play against friends (locally or over the Internet) and against artificial intelligence!

Our game is now also available for download at!

Some snaps of CC:

System requirements:

Before downloading the game, make sure your system is compatable with our software. In this table, you can find the minimum system requirements for CC. At this moment, we only have an Android and PC version of the game. Other game versions will be available in the future.

Category Android Desktop
Operating System Android 3.0 (API 11) or higher Any OS with Java 8.0 or higher and OpenGL 3.0 support
Free Disk Space 18MB 10MB
Internet Connection Required for multiplayer games Required for multiplayer games
Singularity Account Not Required Not Required