Singularity Game Development
An indie game studio creating simple, mobile games

About us:

Singularity Game Development is a game studio that is focussed on making simple, mobile games. We're huge fans of ad-free apps. That's why you'll never encounter one while you're using our software.

Singularity Game Development was created by Thomas Van Acker and Toon Lanszweert when they were 16 years old. Making funny, useless apps, they decided to start a game studio.

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Our team:

Name Job Contact
Thomas Van Acker Founder and Programmer
Toon Lanszweert Founder and Programmer
C├ędric Catry Graphic Designer and Idea Guy
Abdullah Saba Allil Social Media Responsible, Idea Guy and Beta Tester
Karam Kaspar Idea Guy and Tester