What's Next?
A 2D level game
What's Next? v1.2
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About the game:

What's Next? is our first game. It was made by Thomas Van Acker as a 'hello world' app using a new game engine: LibGDX. The goal of What's Next? is to finish all levels. Each level consists of obstacles, which you have to avoid by guiding your character: a bouncing ball.

For more information: check the old site.

Some snaps of What's Next?:

System requirements:

Before downloading the game, make sure your system is compatable with our software. In this table, you can find the minimum system requirements for What's Next?. At this moment, we only have an Andriod version of the game.

Category Android
Operating System Android 3.0 (API 11) or higher
Free Disk Space 15MB
Internet Connection Not required
Singularity Account Not required