Singularity Game Development
An indie game studio creating simple, mobile games

Our games:

What's Next?

Our first game, entirely developed by Thomas Van Acker.

Tap to guide a bouncing ball through various levels.

You can learn more about this game at this page.


Currently being developed, so stay tuned for more content!

Survive on a randomly generated map by chopping trees, making boats, etc. Kill your enemies with various weapons to win the game.

You can learn more about this game at this page.

We don't collect any personal data. Period.

It's not our business. Our software only sends the mandatory data to our servers, which is processed and afterwards deleted.

When we say 'mandatory data', we mean the data that is needed in order to run the applications properly. i.e. When you're playing an online multiplayer game, other players need to know which keys you've pressed, which chat messages you've send them etc. This data is send to our servers and stored until the game ends. The data isn't visible to strangers, only to the people you're playing with.

We use RSA encryption whenever our software needs to send data to our servers.

The only thing we need to store, is your email address. This is used to prevent abuse of the system. We also log your IP address, which is used to analyse network traffic to and from our servers.